LLA Spring Choral music selections

Songs of Harmony, Peace and Unity – Spring 2021

Directed by Dalisa Soto-Peruzzi

Featuring LLA Select Chorus 8, Select Chorus 7, and Chorus 6 singers. All vocal recordings were rehearsed and created by each performer through the use of an integrated digital audio workstation. “I am so proud of our student’s willingness to embrace new recording technology and the challenges that came our way to create music as an ensemble this unique school year.” BRAVO!

Selection Chorus 8 – “I Dream a World.” Andre Thomas, Text by Langston Hughes

Select Chorus 7 – “I Am But a Small Voice.” Roger Whittaker

Chorus 6 – “In My Heart.” Jim Papoulis

LLA Chorus Mixed Tape Spring 2021 Edition

Featuring Select Chorus 8, Select Chorus 7, and Chorus 6 singers

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Song 8

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