About Us

Mission statement

The Greater Amsterdam School District believes that students of all ages can and should learn.

We believe that the purpose of our schools is the education of the whole child. To that end, we recognize and promote the opportunities for increased learning that come from:

  • Improving one’s self esteem
  • Maintaining partnerships with the home and business community
  • Celebrating the community’s cultural diversity
  • Achieving high expectations of excellence in all areas
  • We accept the responsibility to provide equality and equity in teaching each student in an environment conducive to learning

Overview of school

About 3,700 students attend the six schools in the Greater Amsterdam School District, located in the city of Amsterdam, New York.

The district serves residents in the city and town of Amsterdam, as well as those in parts of the nearby towns of Florida, Duanesburg, Glenville, Perth and Hagaman. The student population is diverse, with about 50 percent being of Hispanic descent.

The district believes that students of all ages can and should learn and that the purpose of GASD schools is to educate the whole child. The district recognizes that this comes in the form of celebrating cultural diversity, nurturing partnerships with the home and business community and maintaining expectations of excellence for all students.

GASD employs a talented staff of about 340 teachers, in addition to librarians, guidance counselors, nurses, psychologists, social workers and more, who are dedicated to boosting student achievement and self esteem.

The graduation rate is steadily climbing in the district as it continues to focus on staff development, increased parent involvement and partnerships with the business community.

The district enriches student engagement by continually updating its technology, including the use of smart boards and smart tables, tablets and document cameras in classrooms.

Beyond the classroom, what makes the student experience exceptional in the GASD is the multitude of opportunities available, including elementary after school programs, strong athletics and music programs and clubs that expand students’ social, technical and artistic skills.

In addition to keeping parents connected to and involved in the schools, ongoing efforts such as the aquatics program and continuing education classes strengthen the community-school connection.

The athletics program in GASD continues to thrive and receives great support from the community. The district believes that participation in sports provides a wealth of opportunities and experiences that assist students in their education. The district offers more than 14 sports across three seasons to its student athletes.

Each of the district’s schools offers a range of clubs to help students connect to their school and community. GASD strives to provide extra-curricular activities that appeal to all students, whether they are artistic, civic or academic. 

Our community

Developed along both sides of the Mohawk River, the city spans just 6.3 square miles and has a population of about 18,000. It is bordered on three sides by the town of Amsterdam, which more than 5,500 people call home.

Known as the “small city with a big heart,” Amsterdam is home to residents who are supportive of the schools, rallying around its successful high school sports teams and supporting the GASD budget each year.

Amsterdam strives to be a safe place to raise families, offering an array of community activities during the year.

Located in the center of New York State, Amsterdam was ideally placed to thrive in the Industrial age of American development. The city has in recent years focused its efforts on revitalizing what was once a thriving industrial locale into a business friendly community.