Budget & Taxpayer Information

GASD voters approve 2023-24 school district budget/propositions

Greater Amsterdam School District residents voted 576-196 on May 16, 2023 to approve a $91.4 million district budget for the 2023-24 school year. The approved budget totals $91,421,980 and represents an increase of 6.26 percent or $5,386,887 over the current year budget. The budget, however, calls for no tax levy increase in 2023-24.

School district residents, by a vote of 561-208, also approved a proposition authorizing the establishing a Technology Capital Reserve Fund not to exceed $5 million for the acquisition and installation of new technology equipment and technology infrastructure improvements within the school district.

Three members were also elected to new terms on the GASD Board of Education out of five candidates on the ballot. The winners were Dr. Nellie Bush, Rev. Kent McHeard and Wendy Swezey. The election vote totals were as follows:

  • Dr. Nellie Bush (558)
  • Rev. Kent McHeard (553)
  • Wendy Swezey (396)
  • Jenn Berry-Youngs (268)
  • Nydia Hill (255)

    2023-24 Budget Documents

      The Audit Committee & Financial Statements

      School district finances are subject to internal and external auditing, which promote both accountability and transparency. The Greater Amsterdam School District Audit Committee, which is comprised of Board members and community members, is charged with providing independent advice and recommendations to the board.

      Each year, in accordance with New York State regulations, an independent auditor conducts a review of the districts’ financial statements. After the audit is completed, it is reviewed by the Audit Committee and accepted by the Board. This typically takes place in the fall. Below are the most recent audited financial statements:

      2022-23 SY

      Past year audits