How to make online tax payments

As a convenience to our residents, the Greater Amsterdam School District offers the option to pay school tax bills online. Taxpayers also have the option to mail their payments as noted on their school tax bills. Please be aware that there is an additional fee for paying school tax bills online, as noted below. There is no additional fee to pay by mail.

Directions for making an online tax payment:

  1. Go to in your internet browser.
  2. Click Community, and find “Taxpayer Information” in the links anchored to the top of the page. 
  3. Click “Make an online tax payment here.”
  4. Click the “Search by” box to see your search options. The default is to search by last name. You can also choose SBL, address or bill number. If you choose to search by:
    1. Address: Enter a one-word street name without street numbers or suffixes such as avenue, street or road. You will then have the option to select from a list of properties.
    2. Bill number: Enter the last six digits of the bill number found on your bill.
    3. Click search.
  5. From the search results, choose the property for which you would like to pay the tax bill. Click “Details” on the left side of the property listing to view payment options.
  6. Choose whether you’d like to pay the entire bill or arrange for up to three installment payments.
  7. Click “Add to Bill Cart.”
  8. Continue to search and choose other bills if you have additional properties.
  9. Click “View Cart” to begin the checkout process and to view the total amount you will be paying in this transaction.
  10. When you view the cart, you will see an additional fee for credit/debit card payments. This fee, which is charged by the outside company that offers the online payment service, equals 50 cents plus 3 percent of the total amount to be paid.
  11. Credit/debit payment is the default setting on this screen, but you can choose “eCheck” on the next screen to pay a flat fee of $4.95 per transaction up to $2,500 using your checking account. For transactions more than $2,500, the fees equal $4.95 plus ½ percent of your overall bill.
  12. Before you complete your transaction, you will be asked for either your credit/debit card information or your checking account routing and account number, depending on how you choose to pay. Follow the remainder of the payment prompts and review your payment information carefully before clicking to submit your payment.
  13. Disable your pop-up blocker to receive a confirmation of your payment that you can print for your records.
If you experience technical problems while using the website, call 203-774-3101. If you experience problems processing your transaction, call 203-364-5615.