Instructional information and resources for students/families

GASD learning from home instruction begins April 1

learn from home graphicThe mission of GASD is to educate and prepare all students to reach their potential, discover their purpose and be engaged community members. The COVID-19/Coronavirus public health emergency has challenged us to find new ways to stay focused on this mission. A longer than expected closure of our schools means we are expanding online learning opportunities and instruction for students K-12 beginning April 1, 2020.

While instruction will not be the same as in a traditional classroom, our elementary students will have opportunities to be engaged and continue practicing skills in preparation for a return to their regular classrooms. Middle school and high school students will be able to build on the foundation that will prepare them for future grade levels, courses, and post-secondary goals.

Most importantly, our students will continue to connect with their teachers online through email and video conferencing or by telephone when necessary. District Chromebooks have been distributed to students who need them. If you are still in need of a Chromebook please call your school or email your principal to arrange distribution.

Beginning April 1, teachers will begin posting weekly activities and assignments in Google Classroom (see instructions for signing into Google Classroom below). Students should check each teacher’s Google Classroom every Monday for weekly assignments. Teachers will also collaborate with special education and ENL teachers are needed.

This new teach-from home, learn-from-home model also means parents and guardians will play an even greater role in the educational process, especially for younger students. The district understands this may present additional challenges for both students and parents but please know, we value this home-school partnership more than ever and our faculty and staff are available to support GASD students and families during this time. The district also recognizes the difficult and unique circumstances all families are facing during this unprecedented health crisis. That is why we are committed to the idea that in GASD, patience, understanding and empathy will lead the way, every day.

Academic and student/family support resources

Our team at school has created learning materials and resources that students can use to practice skills, review content and explore topics while school is closed. These resources are now available to you in shared Google folders. They may be updated from time to time. These resources are meant to supplement the at home instruction students are now being provided.

Due to issues of digital access and other considerations, student work done at home cannot be graded or used for extra credit, and there are limitations to our ability to use virtual conferencing. Please note that all deadlines and due dates for work assigned when school was in session have been put on hold until further notice.

Help For Students For Signing Into Google Classroom and i-Ready Accounts – Chromebook Troubleshooting and Care

Parents/Families: As we move forward with online instruction, students will be using Google Classroom to access their work. They will also be utilizing Clever and for grades K-8 they will be utilizing a program i-Ready. The following resources provide parents with information on what these resources are and how to access them:

Academic Resources

Hands-On Educational Resources

Teacher Resources

Support Resources for Students & Families

    Covid-19 Resources