AHS celebrates National Women’s History Month

old drawing of women working

Amsterdam High School joins Americans in celebrating National Women’s History Month in March. Several educational activities and guest speakers are being planned to teach today’s young men and women about the role of women in shaping their country and to honor women’s contributions in American history.

The National Women’s History Alliance selects and publishes the yearly theme. The 2020 Women’s History Month theme is “Valiant Women of the Vote.”  The theme honors “the brave women who fought to win suffrage rights for women, and for the women who continue to fight for the voting rights of others.”

The team AHS teachers brainstormed and worked to develop the following activities that began on Monday, March 2:

Morning Announcements in March: The English 12 classes generated a list of 21 different women who have made an impact in American society. Each day’s announcement will be extremely brief, two sentences: Who is the woman? How did/does she make an impact on American society?

Media Center: The media has created a book/magazine/media display of female authors, female empowerment titles, topics culturally relevant to females at our school.

Friday Focus on Females:The team has worked with local community connections to invite a guest speaker to present their story of strength for two periods during the school day.

This will include: March 6, Jean Karutis, FMCC Associate Dean for Student Retention and Success, “Women who have struggled with sudden and tragic loss.” March 13, Kelli P.  McCoski, Montgomery County District Attorney, “Women in the criminal justice system.” March 27, Erinn Eschler, Rob Constantine Recovery Community and Outreach CenterAddiction Counselor, “The struggles women with addiction face and the road to recovery.”