AHS English Department Students Participate in Escape Room Activity

June 14, 2019

Students in the Amsterdam High School English Department participated in an escape room activity focused on their second semester vocabulary the week of May 27.

English teachers, Michele Giaimo, Lisa Liverio, Joe Scott, and Marlene Mitaly shared their students with Karen Pelletier, Media Specialist, to engage in a fictional story about a mysterious illness affecting Amsterdam. Students had to complete a series of tasks in order to unlock the box containing the diagnosis of the mystery illness to save the community.  The activities required students to use their knowledge of the Greek and Latin affixes they have been working with in class during the last semester.

English Department Coordinator and Instructional Coach, Kelly Forte said, “We were looking for a way to engage students with the words that would be fun and exciting for them. Karen had been to a training on educational escape rooms, so the classroom teachers took a leap of faith.  The students prepared for their final vocabulary assessment and had a blast doing so.”

The team looks forward to the future use of escape room activities across disciplines.

students work together to unlock box
AHS Students work together to unlock the box containing the diagnosis of the mystery illness