“All Things Marie Curie” Week

March 18-22 was “All Things Marie Curie” Week at Marie Curie Institute. In honor of Women’s History Month, MCI staff are celebrating the school’s namesake with a daily event & Marie Curie trivia question.

To kick off the celebratory week, Monday was designated as “Dress like a Scientist Day.” Did you know that Marie Curie was a Polish-born physicist and chemist and one of the most famous scientists of her time?

Tuesday was “Where’s Marie Curie?” Day. Five Marie Curie pictures have been place throughout the building, and students are tasked with finding them! Once all five sightings have been made the classroom teacher sends an email stating where her class saw each image. The first class to submit correct answers wins an ice cream treat! Good luck, students!

students dressed like their teacher

On Wednesday, students “Dressing like a Teacher.” Did you know that Marie Curie was the daughter of a teacher, married a teacher, and eventually became a teacher herself? Cool, huh? Today a group of “teachers” were asked to report to the cafeteria this morning for a faculty meeting with Assistant Principal Mr. Romano. 

Staff at the Marie Curie Institute wrapped up their “All Things Marie Curie” Week with a Pierogi Day on Thursday and a visit from “Marie Curie” on Friday!

young students tasting Perogi

In honor of Marie Curie’s Polish heritage, students and staff sampled Pierogi, which are one of Poland’s traditional foods. (And everyone thought they were delicious!)

On Friday, storyteller Claire Nolan performed as Marie Curie and entertained students with stories about Curie’s life. Through the “Great Minds Series of the Schenectady Theater for Children,” Nolan also tells the stories of other notable women whose lives have made an impact on the way we live today.