Video art lessons students can do at home

Mickey Mouse

Amsterdam High School art teacher Karen Garrison has created these art instructional videos for students of all ages to work on at home with their families. The lessons are listed by topics and include the supplies needed for each. The link is on the district website on the Academic Resources page. We will add new lessons as we go along. Try some out!

March 17: Directional Draw – Leprechaun

Supplies: white paper, black sharpie, watercolors

March 18: Touch a Heart Collage Doodle

Supplies: 3 pieces of colored construction paper, scissors, black sharpie, glue stick

March 19: One Point Perspective

Supplies: white paper, pencil, black sharpie, ruler, colored pencils, crayons or watercolors

March 20: Emoji Agamograph

Supplies: 3 pieces of white paper, ruler, black sharpie, scissors, glue stick, watercolors

March 23: Emoji Unpredictably

Supplies: Paper plates, scissors, watercolors, masking tape, salt, plastic wrap

March 24: Monochromatic Trees

Supplies: white paper or canvas, black and white paint, brushes

March 25: Interactive eyes

Supplies: 2 pieces of white paper, scissors, markers or crayons

March 26: Be a Star

Supplies: 2 pieces of paper-white or colored, Scissors , Glue stick

March 27: Be Still and Chill

Supplies: White poster board or thick white paper, washable markers, black sharpie

March 30: Time to Reflect Part I

Supplies: Cardboard or poster board, white glue, Aluminum foil, glue stick, sharpies or shoe polish

March 31: Time to Reflect Part II

Supplies: Cardboard or poster board, white glue, Aluminum foil, glue stick, sharpies or shoe polish

April 1: We Can

Supplies: paper, pencil, can of soup, black marker, watercolors, markers or crayons

April 2: This Stinks

Supplies: paper, black marker, watercolors

April 3: Weathering the Storm

Supplies: white paper, black paper, sharpie, crayons, watercolors

April 6: Bunny Love

Supplies: white paper, sharpie, watercolors

April 7: Funny Bunny & Chicks

Supplies: white paper, sharpie, ruler, markers

April 8: Send Some Love

Supplies: scrap paper, glue stick, scissors

April 9: Picking Up Some Eggs

Supplies: paper, pencil, markers or crayons

April 11: Stayed Home

Supplies: 5 sheets of paper, scissors, glue stick, markers

April 13: Ilusions

Supplies: White paper, ruler, sharpie, markers, crayons or colored pencils

April 14: Social Distancing

Supplies: White paper, pencil, black sharpie, colored pencils or crayons

April 15: Is This Really Real

Supplies: White paper, pencil

April 16: Spinning

Supplies: White paper, 2 pencils, marker, scissors, tape, glue stick

April 17: Spinning Around

Supplies: Paper, pencil, 3”-4” round tracer, markers or crayons

April 20: Magical Characters

Supplies: Paper, sharpie and something to color with…

April 21: Baby Groot

Supplies: White paper, sharpie, something to color with….

April 22: Earth Day

Supplies: White glue, food coloring, plastic bag, yarn, dental floss

April 23: Unicorn

Supplies: Paper, sharpie. Something to color with….

April 24: Olaf

Supplies: Paper, sharpie, something to color with ….

April 27: It’s Getting Real

Supplies: Paper and pencil

April 28: No-Z Nosey

April 29: Mouth to the Face

April 30: Ears

May 1: Bad Hair Don’t Care

May 4: Fish on the Fourth

Supplies: Paper, sharpie, watercolors

May 5: Horsing Around

May 6: Woof

Supplies: Paper, sharpie, something for color

May 7: Meow

Supplies: Paper, sharpie, something to color with

May 8: Mother’s Day Butterfly or Flower Sculpture

Supplies: Glue, toilet paper roll, pencil, paper

May 11: Purple Dogs

Supplies: Paper, sharpie, white, black and another color paint, paintbrush

May 12: Picasso’s Peace

Supplies: Paper, Sharpie, Crayons

May 13: Georgia O’Keeffe

Supplies: Paper, pencil, watercolors, brushes

May 14: The Scream

Supplies: Paper, Sharpie, washable markers

May 15: Starry Night

May 18: Character Week – Piglet

Supplies: Paper, sharpie, something to color with

May 19: Character Week – Pluto

Supplies: Paper, Sharpie and something to color with

May 20: Character Week – Tweety

Supplies: Paper, sharpie, something to color with

May 21: Character Week – Bambi

May 22: Character Week – Mickey Mouse

Supplies: Paper, Sharpie