Barkley holds Super Bowl of Multiplication 2023

team huddles on the field

Just days before Sunday’s “big game,” Barkley Elementary School held its annual Super Bowl of Multiplication event in the gym, challenging third graders in a contest of math skills. Two teams of 12 players – the Barkley Champions (Purple) and the Retrievers (Gold) marched up and down the field gaining valuable yards as they correctly answered multiplication questions posed by Principal Nancy Rad. Each time a fact was answered correctly, the team moved 10 yards forward until they score a touchdown. Every aspect of the game was connected to multiplication. The third-grade multipliers and their fans also performing a song featuring the multiples of 10 during the half time show. Final score: BC-69, Retrievers-49. Every player (regardless of the score at the end of the 4th quarter) received a trophy for mastering their multiplication facts, showing sportsmanship and playing a great game.

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Barkley Champions score a touchdown video

Super Bowl Half Time Show Song video