Board of Education

Board Members

Nelli BushDr. Nellie A. Bush
Term ends 2023




Rev. Kent A. McHeardRev. Kent A. McHeard
Vice President
Term ends 2023






John J. BottistiJohn J. Bottisti
Term ends 2022





JoMarie DiTataJoMarie DiTata
Term ends 2022





Gavin W. Murdoch Gavin W. Murdoch
Term ends 2021





Deana ManciniDeana Mancini
Term ends 2023





Curtis PeningerCurtis Peninger
Term ends 2021





Lorrie Schell, Clerk of the Board –

William H. Mycek, School Attorney –

Petitions due April 28 to run for Board of Education

Candidates wishing to seek election to the Greater Amsterdam Board of Education may now pick up nominating packets in the Office of the District Clerk during business hours.

Two seats each carrying new three-year terms beginning July 1, 2021 are up for election on May 18, 2021. Nominating petitions require 50 signatures of qualified GASD voters to run. They must be submitted to the District Clerk no later than April 28 at 5 p.m.

To run for the school board, candidates must be at least 18 years of age, a U.S. citizen, a qualified voter in the school district and be able to read and write. They must also be residents of the school district continuously for one year prior to the vote date.

Any questions regarding the vote or running for the board, please contact the District Clerk the 518-843-3180 ext. 7801 or

Change in Board of Education meetings attendance

As of March 17, 2021, Board of Education meeting will now be reopened for public attendance. They will also continue to be livestreamed on the district YouTube channel for the time being. Those attending meetings in-person should wear masks and social distance. The meetings are held in the Media Center at Amsterdam High School. They may be watched live online at the following link:


The Board of Education has established the following committees:

  • Finance/Budget Committee
  • Board Policies Committee
  • Facilities Committee
  • Audit Committee

Each committee can have up to 11 members but cannot exceed that number. Several Board of Education members serve on each committee.

Residents interested in serving on a committee should contact Superintendent of Schools Richard Ruberti’s office at 518-843-3180 x 7801.

About the Board

The Board of Education is made up of seven unsalaried citizens elected to serve a three-year term. The board’s powers and duties are derived from the New York State Constitution, the laws of New York State and the rulings of the New York State Commissioner of Education.

Board meetings are open to the public and are held in the Amsterdam High School Media Center at 6 p.m. Special meetings are called when necessary. 

Board Responsibilities

The Board of Education’s main areas of responsibility are:

  • Establish district policies: View those policies here.
  • Develop an annual budget for public approval
  • Vote on the Superintendent’s recommendations on personnel matters and contracts
  • Review courses of study and textbooks
  • Act as a communication link between residents and the Superintendent
  • No person or group of persons acts in the name of the board. All motions require a majority vote before the Board can act. A board member is in an official capacity only during an official Board meeting. The Board employs a Superintendent who is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the district and administration of Board policies. The Superintendent develops policies, programs and plans for Board action.

Board policies

In order for a school district to function both efficiently and effectively it must establish a sound set of policies and related regulations to carry out the official policy.

Policy making is the primary function of the Board of Education. A policy is a guide for action. It expresses the intent of the Board concerning the operation of the School District and what it expects of those to whom it gives authority. Policy statements are developed as a guide for the Board to make decisions and are intended to serve as an outline for the administration to use in the development of administrative regulations for the implementation of the policy.

Read the board’s policies here.

Addressing the Board of Education

The Board of Education recognizes its responsibility to hear public comment, and therefore encourages the public to attend board meetings. Visitors have the opportunity to address the Board of Education during the “public comment” portion of each meeting.

The public comment portion of Board of Education meetings are held in the High School Library Media Center unless otherwise noted in the meeting’s agenda.

Individuals wishing to address the board may:

  • Sign in prior to the start of the meeting at 6 p.m. to request the floor; or
  • Step forward when the board president asks if anyone is interested in speaking before the board; or
  • If you know well in advance that you would like to address the board, you may contact the district clerk at 843-3180 x 7801 to be included on the agenda.
    Please note: Comments should not exceed five minutes and should directly relate to school matters.

Members of the public are also welcome to send questions, comments and concerns to the Greater Amsterdam School District Board of Education and its individual board members at:

Greater Amsterdam School District
Board of Education
District Office
P.O. Box 309
Amsterdam, NY 12010
(518) 843-3180