Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame Inductees

Nomination criteria

  • A nominee for either wing, academic or athletic, of the Amsterdam School District Hall of Fame must have been graduated from High School a minimum of 10 years prior to nomination.
  • Nomination forms for the academic and athletic wing are separate and may be obtained through the district website or the high school office
  • Nomination forms will be made available on or before February 1st of each year. Once a person is nominated they will remain in consideration for three years if not immediately selected.

Committee membership

The Amsterdam School District Hall of Fame shall consist of a 12-person committee. Membership of the committee will be composed of the following:

  • Superintendent of Schools or Designee
  • High School Principal or Administrative Designee
  • Athletic Director
  • Three members of the coaching staff (current and retired)
  • Three members of the District Teaching Faculty
  • Three community-at-large members

Each membership is a three-year term.

A Chairperson shall be appointed by the Superintendent of Schools. The Chairperson shall have the authority to recommend a voting member to the committee when another member decides to resign. Each person recommended by the Chairperson must be approved by a simple majority of the voting committee.

There will also be a co-chairperson elected who will serve as the secretary.


The Chairperson shall appoint individual committee members to the following committees

  • Nomination Committee
  • Awards Committee
  • Publicity Committee
  • Fundraising Committee
  • Ceremony Committee

No committee shall create any financial liability of the Amsterdam School District Hall of Fame unless authorized by the Chairperson of the committee. All of these committees shall report to the committee at-large at each regular meeting.

Induction procedures

On or about January 15th of each school year the Amsterdam School District Hall of Fame Committee will convene and make it known that they will be accepting nominations for a 45 day period commencing on February 1st.

On or about 45 days after the call for nominations is made, the Hall of Fame Committee will meet to review and screen nominations. The committee can seek out additional information on applicants from a variety of sources.

The first year of nominations may include up to ten inductees for each wing of the Hall of Fame.

Each proceeding year up to a maximum of 5 inductees will be considered per wing.

Voting procedure

The Hall of Fame Committee will vote and the 10 highest vote-getters per wing in the first year and the 5 highest per wing thereafter will be the inductees for that year.

Notification to the Hall of Fame inductees, the public and media will be made within two weeks of the nomination vote.

Induction ceremony

Induction activities will begin on the Friday night of Homecoming Weekend with an induction dinner at a local restaurant decided upon by the Hall of Fame Committee. Inductees may have a nominator introduce them and each inductee will receive their Hall of Fame plaque at this time.

On Saturday the inductees will be invited as guests to ride in the Homecoming Parade before the football game.

At halftime of the Homecoming football game all inductees will be introduced individually to the public.

Amendment process

This document may be amended by a two-thirds majority vote of the total number of committee members.

Academic nomination criteria

A nominee must have graduated from high school (or due to unforeseen circumstances, could not graduate) a minimum of 10 years prior to the nomination.

Nominations for Academic Wing of the Hall of Fame may be made for anyone living or deceased in the following categories:

  • Medicine and Science. Surgeons, specialists, general practitioners, scientists and recipients of special awards.
  • Business and Professional. Economists, CEOs, successful business persons, legal professions.
  • Humanities. Published writers, educators, those who have exemplary achievements in art, music, drama and journalism
  • Humanitarian and Service. Those who have rendered significant services to local, state, national or world communities.
  • Lifetime Recognition. This category is reserved for an individual whose life demonstrates high moral character and dignity, or who has demonstrated courage in overcoming extraordinary obstacles in life

Once a candidate is nominated in a category, he or she will be evaluated using the following criteria:

  • Exemplary achievements and recognition in their field
  • Outstanding citizenship
  • Leadership qualities
  • Meritorious contribution to society

Athletic nomination criteria


  • Must be a graduate of Amsterdam High School.
  • Waiting period of 10 years from when his/her class graduated.
  • Must have earned at least two varsity letters


  • Waiting period of at least 10 years since leaving the Amsterdam School District
  • Outstanding contribution during his/her tenure

School official

  • Waiting period of at least 10 years since leaving the Amsterdam School District
  • Outstanding contribution during his/her tenure.

In extreme or extraordinary circumstances the Hall of Fame Committee reserves the right to waive the 10-year requirement.