District and School Improvement Plans

The Greater Amsterdam School District  prepares every student to graduate from high school college and career ready. 

One way in which we are working to achieve that is through each school’s Comprehensive Education Plan (SCEP ), a unique plan, refined annually, that defines a school’s targeted work to raise achievement for all of its students. These plans are the driving force behind the district’s Theory of Action in our district’s Strategic Plan.

These plans are mandated by New York state to appear on the district website.

Greater Amsterdam School District

GASD 2022-2023 District Comprehensive Improvement Plan (DCIP)

Barkley Elementary

Barkley 2022-2023 SCEP

Amsterdam High School

Amsterdam High School 2022-23 SCEP

Lynch Literacy Academy

Lynch Literacy Academy 2022-23 SCEP

McNulty Academy

McNulty 2022-23 SCEP