Girls varsity basketball team visits Barkley Elementary

Jan. 29, 2019

For the third year in a row, members of the Amsterdam High School (AHS) girls varsity basketball team visited Barkley Elementary School to read to the younger students.

“Our principal, Mrs. Donna Decker, is a big supporter of our high school student-athletes and when I asked her if we could come to Barkley two years ago to start this tradition she was all for it,” said Mr. Eric Duemler, girls varsity basketball coach and Barkley Elementary physical education teacher. “As much as the younger students enjoy meeting our varsity girls, our team enjoys coming to Barkley.”

Two high school students reading to younger students.

Each year the girls varsity basketball team reads various books to the elementary students during their respective classes.

“It’s nice to see them all look up to us,” said senior Madison Carmona. “I’m glad we can be good influencers for them.”

In addition to reading, the players answer questions the elementary students have about school, sports and everything in between.

“I like that we can be a good example for the students to show them why it’s important to work hard,” said junior Kayli Hoefs.

“We are proud of our program and the student-athletes we produce at Amsterdam and want to do whatever we can to help our younger students,” added Duemler.

Three high school students standing with three elementary students.