Meeting Minutes – Foundation General Committee

March 18, 2021

In attendance: Richard Ruberti, Christine DeLuca, Rev Kent McHeard, Dr. Nellie Bush, Kelly Peugh-Forte, Irene Domkowski, Anne Marie Giles, Janel Dievendorf, Christine DeLuca, Wendy Swezey, Alberto Beltran, Rebecca Cozzocrea, Andy Heck

I. Called to Order at 6:30 pm

II. President’s report

  • Reimaging Amsterdam – Recent media attention highlighting positive activities about GASD in newspaper and on CBS 6 news
  • Fundraising activities R. Ruberti will work with Lanzi’s to do a first event at their restaurant possibly coordinate with Creative Connections for a dual fundraiser
  • Asking for volunteers to help with event, community, teachers and students
  • Establish a fundraising calendar so we can collaborate and not overlap with other organizations

III. Asking for fundraising ideas such as Storm the Castle, golf tournament, concert at Riverlink  Park, pie sales, restaurant gift card raffle. R. Ruberti will reach out to the faculty for fundraising ideas

IV. High School is working on alumni lists for outreach

V. Meeting adjourned 7:03 pm

January 21, 2021

In attendance:  Richard Ruberti, Christine Smith, Rev Kent McHeard, Dr. Nellie Bush, Colleen DiCaprio, Kelly Peugh-Forte, Irene Domkowski, Anne Marie Giles, Janel Dievendorf, Christine DeLuca, Wendy Swezey, Honorable Joseph Sise, Dr. Govind Rao, Dr. Dan Jackson, Rebecca Cozzocrea

I. Called to Order at 6:32 pm

II. President’s report

  • Presented a PowerPoint to show who the Foundation is benefitting and we are investing in the future of our children.
  • Review of Board members
  • John Noetzel is working on a logo for the foundation
  • Next steps are to determine committees (Alumni, application review, fundraising, public relations), create a web page, establish social media presence and create a way to receive donations (e.g. Venmo)
  • Irene Domkowski provided reasons and excitement for this group from a realtor’s perspective to “tell the story” of our schools. Create a sell sheet for realtors that would showcase the good things that are happening, highlight students, showcase faculty and staff

IV. Rev. McHeard asked that we have an explanation for people who inquire why we need donations to support activities that some believe the budget should handle. The mission and vision statements will be shared with the committee.

V. Fundraising ideas such as restaurant donations and 5k were mentioned with a request to think of other ideas during the time of COVID.

VI. Meeting adjourned 7:20 pm