School Activities


  • Field trips will be postponed until deemed safe to attend
  • School assemblies will be limited/ or completed virtually (live streamed to classrooms/home)
  • No outside use of facilities will be allowed until further notice; special requests will be reviewed on case by case basis
  • Interscholastic athletics are governed by the New York State Public High School Athletic Association and Section 2. Athletic activity will follow the most current guidance from NYSPHSAA and Section 2. On Aug. 24 Gov. Cuomo announced that state athletic teams will be able to begin practicing on Sept. 21 and that some will be allowed to play games soon after. Those include “low-risk” sports that GASD offers including tennis, soccer, cross country, and golf. These sports would be allowed to begin fall activities in late September and then compete locally. Competition would follow a required number of preseason practices for all but golf, which does not mandate them. “High risk” sports such as football and volleyball will be only allowed to practice at this time beginning Sept. 21. Later in the school year,  new guidelines were established by health officials regarding mask requirements and social distancing requirements for vaccinated individuals.
  • Extracurricular activities and clubs will be examined to determine which can be conducted virtually.
  • Students enrolling in ROL will be assigned to online only learning. This includes online only participation in any clubs and/or extracurricular activities, if so offered for in-person attendance. Students in the ROL program will not be eligible to participate in onsite interscholastic activities should they be offered, with the exception of interscholastic athletics as per Section II guidance.

Childcare and After-School Programs

The district, at present time, does not offer an in-house childcare or after-school program, but works with local providers in the Greater Amsterdam community to refer parents for these services. The district is working with local child care providers: 

  • Memory Lane Daycare (518) 866-7109
  • Sunshine Kids Corner (518) 859-3935
  • DISTRICT YMCA at United Presbyterian Church (518) 640-1905

These providers are licensed by New York state and, like schools, must follow COVID-19 protocol and safety measures as outlined in this reopening plan including proper handwashing, social distancing, wearing of face coverings, disease prevention, etc.