High school ENL students teach second graders about New York’s grape industry

May 22, 2017

Amsterdam High School’s English as a new language students and teachers served as volunteer readers for New York’s Agricultural Literacy Week.

The goal of the program is to foster awareness, understanding, and appreciation of how we produce food, fiber, and natural resources by engaging educators and students with agriculture. This spring’s agricultural focus was New York’s grape industry. 

The high school students read the book, The Grapes Grow Sweet, to second grade classes throughout the school district. The story is about a boy named Julian and his life growing up on his family’s vineyard. The second graders learned about New York’s $5 billion a year grape industry, with over 1,600 family-owned vineyards. They also learned that New York ranks third in the nation in grape production, with 75 percent of the grapes being made into grape juice. 

The high school students also presented a fun and educational coloring activity, as well as a Welch’s grape juice tasting. Each second grade class was given a copy of the book to add to their classroom library.  

The AHS student volunteers included:  Ever Arevalo-Bermudez, Yony Batres, Janily Cruz-Torres, Paola Feliciano, Steven Herrera, Zuriaddai Herrera, Alexander Martinez, Regis Gonzalez-Rivera, Jenny Pedro, Naida LaTorre-Ramos, Laura Reyes, Jomar Rodriguez, Keishary Rodriguez, Nervin Rodriguez, Pedro Rolon, Jeremy Rosado, Joreliz Suarez, Alexander Santiago-Arce, Luisiany Toucet-Torres, Keyshliane Trinidad-Andino, Kevin Vargas, Oberlizka Vazquez and Natasha Velez-Soler.