How to update your contact information

Oct. 24, 2018

Keeping parental contact information up to date is very important to the district, especially in case of an emergency.

The district is currently requesting parents of elementary students update their addresses, emergency contacts and phone numbers by filling out a Demographic Validation form.  Students have been given these forms and parents should sign them and bring them back during Parent/Teacher Conferences on Wednesday, Oct. 31  and Tuesday, Nov. 6.

Updating information on Parent Portal

Parents/guardians of all students may also update their contact information on Parent Portal.

  • Click the My Account icon at the top right of the Portal screens. The Update Account Info tab is the default tab.
  • From here, passwords, usernames, and primary email addresses can be changed. Enter the new information in one or all of these categories, and click Update Account Information when
  • The current primary account email address will be indicated in the list of email addresses associated with the parent’s/guardian’s record. Select a different email address as the current primary account email address and the appropriate email type for that address, or enter the new primary account email address and select the email type for the new email address.

An error message will be presented if the new primary account email address is already used within the district as another person’s primary account email address.