June 10, 2019 Board Minutes

June 10, 2019 Special Board of Education Minutes

Board Members 

  • Mr. John Bottisti
  • Dr. Nellie Bush
  • Mrs. Jackie Marciniak
  • Rev. Kent McHeard (absent)
  • Mr. Gavin Murdoch
  • Mr. Curtis Peninger
  • Mrs. Deana Mancini (absent)


  • Dr. Raymond Colucciello, Interim Superintendent

Dr. Nellie Bush opened the meeting at 6 pm.
Public – 0                                   Other –

On the motion of Gavin Murdoch, the meeting adjourned at 6:40 pm.

ROLL CALL: 5-0-0                                                   

RESOLVED: that upon the recommendation of the Interim Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Raymond Colucciello, the Board of Education approve the provisional appointment of Colleen DiCaprio as School Business Official for the Greater Amsterdam School District effective July 6, 2019, at a salary of $106,000.  For the period of June 24, – July 5, 2019, Ms. DiCaprio will be retained as a consultant for the Greater Amsterdam School District at the rate of her per diem salary.

The Interim Superintendent is hereby authorized to sign Colleen DiCaprio’s contract, upon attorney review.

(There is no current Civil Service Eligibility List for School Business Official.  It is understood that Ms. DiCaprio will take the Civil Service Exam for this position when scheduled by the Civil Service Commission.) 

Roll Call: 4-0-1 (Mr. Peninger – Abstain)

Motion passed ___X__                Motion defeated