LLA students use earned stamps to get gifts at Holiday Shop

Dec. 27, 2018

Students at Lynch Literacy Academy (LLA) had the opportunity to get gifts for loved ones at the school’s annual Holiday Shop.

Organized by the Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) committee, students used stamps they earned to “purchase” their gifts. Students can earn stamps from staff members throughout the school year for following LLA’s expectations: “respect yourself, respect others, respect our school.”

“I like it because there are so many things to choose from,” said Tyler Bramer, an eighth-grader. “I get gifts for my family members and myself.”

Students browsing for gifts at the school's Holiday Shop.

Students could visit the Holiday Shop during advisory or lunch on any of the three days the shop was open prior to the holiday break. All items “for sale,” which range from holiday decorations to clothes and athletic gear to books, were donated by staff members.

“The students love it,” said Ms. Sarah Mraz, a seventh-grade special education teacher who volunteered to supervise the shop. “Some students shop for themselves and some shop for family members. Students can wrap the gifts they get too.”

Students use stamps to get gifts at the school's Holiday Shop.

In addition to the teachers who volunteer to supervise the Holiday Shop, students can volunteer to work the checkout table.

“It’s fun because we get to interact with our peers,” said Yannelly Taveras, an eighth-grader and National Junior Honor Society member.

“It’s an easier way for kids to get gifts for their family,” added Helen Flint, a fellow eighth-grader and National Junior Honor Society member. “It’s also a nice reward for kids who are well-behaved.”

Outside of the holiday season, students can use the stamps they earn to “purchase” items from the weekly prize cart.