McNulty candy corn STEM project teaches teamwork

group of student work with candy and toothpicks to build a structureMcNulty Academy fifth graders in teacher Kerri DiCaprio’s class worked together to create and develop a Halloween-style STEM project (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) using 100 toothpicks and a bag of candy corn. Before construction, students pre-planned their structure as a group, collaborating on design ideas and drawing them out on paper. Once the plans were in place, the groups executed their build. Each group worked collaboratively to create their structure. As the students started their builds the plans of the structures changed. Following the build, each group presented their projects to the class. The after project class discussion revealed that “we” can’t always plan ahead and “you” need to be flexible and change as you go sometimes. Toothpicks and candy can break, they discovered. Overall, the class enjoyed using their creative minds and problem solving skills and working together.