McNulty Elementary hosts First Annual Career Day image

May 24, 2017

Students at McNulty Elementary had a look into the future on Monday at the First Annual Career Day.

Ten parents of current McNulty students came into the classrooms to share about their careers.

The different careers that were showcased included: a vet tech, a nurse, a dog warden, a retail dining director, a homeless shelter employee, a firefighter, a server, a forklift driver, a maternity nurse, and a sporting goods employee.

The students had the opportunity to ask questions, read x-rays, listen to their heartbeats, and try on hospital gowns and surgical masks, among many other things.

The Career Day was held as a part of the “ABC Countdown to Summer.” For the remainder of the school year, each of the 26 days is associated with a letter of the alphabet and includes a fun activity corresponding with that letter. For letter “C,” McNulty students dressed up for their future careers!

Classrooms were filled with future doctors, veterinarians, teachers, principals, artists, and even a future president!

The goal of Career Day was to fuel students with excitement for their futures, encourage goal-setting, and show them that they can be anything that they want to be!