McNulty family donates pumpkins to students

Oct. 20, 2017

“Come pick your pumpkins!”

Nearly 300 pumpkins were donated to McNulty Academy students in Pre-K through Grade 1 on Friday, Oct. 20.

First-grader Ava Kietzmann and her family have gifted pumpkins to students for the past three years, each year including a new grade of students as Ava gets older. The family has been growing pumpkins at their farm on the South Side of Amsterdam for almost two decades.

Ava’s mom Lindsay Kietzmann, her grandmother Judy Kietzmann, and her aunt Haley Francisco helped distribute the pumpkins — and some smaller varieties called “Munchkins” — to nine classes.

“It’s nice to see them so happy,” Lindsay Kietzmann said.

The family said their goal is to make sure every student has a pumpkin for the fall holidays.

The pumpkins have even became part of the curriculum.

“We’re going to do a pumpkin experiment later,” said Megan Togaila, a first grade teacher at McNulty. “And then we’re going to paint them. We’ll talk about the pumpkins first — do they sink? Do they float? We’re talked about the properties of pumpkins — the colors, are they smooth or bumpy? So after we do some pumpkin investigating, we’ll paint them in the afternoon.”