McNulty students participate in Occupation and Job Day

June 10, 2019

McNulty Academy held its third annual Occupation and Job Day as part of their “ABC Countdown to Summer” on Monday, June 10.  During the countdown of the remaining days of the school year, each of the 26 final days is associated with a letter of the alphabet and includes a fun activity corresponding with that letter.

For “O” McNulty students dressed for their future occupations! Classrooms were filled with future doctors, veterinarians, teachers, principals, artists, and even a future president! Family and community members also came in to speak to students about different jobs and careers. Students in Pre-K through Fifth Grade were able to enjoy presentations from a variety of different presenters. Some of the speakers included a Horse Riding Instructor, a Boxing Coach, a Computer Repair business owner, a Yoga Instructor, a Cancer Peer Educator, a Volunteer Firefighter, a Teacher, a Bakery Utility worker, a Nurse, an Airline Pilot, and a Video game designer.

Students were also able to learn about  local job opportunities from companies Beechnut and Sticker Mule. Each company brought engaging materials that fueled students excitement for the future and encouraged goal-setting. 

McNulty staff, students, and Amsterdam community members are looking forward to continuing on with the tradition of Occupation and Job Day.   

Pre-K students dress as their future occupation
Pre-K students Archer Jackson and Reagan Tirado dress as their future occupation.
adult talks to students in the classroom
Mr. Torres, Computer Repair presents to Third graders about his occupation.