McNulty Pre-K student fashion show

kids walking in parade showing their fashion clothingMs. Reed’s Pre-K class put on a fashion show at McNulty Academy on St. Patrick’s Day after spending the past month studying clothing. Throughout the study they learned all about clothing, from how to button and zipper their own jackets, to how to wash and care for their clothing. They even practiced hand washing socks and baby clothes and hanging them on a clothesline. After learning about where clothes come from and how to make clothing, they featured some of their own designs with paper bag vests. First, they selected all of their materials and colors and sketched out their plans. They spent several days carefully decorating their vests, following their sketches, but also making alterations where they saw fit. Once their masterpieces were complete, they created posters to hang all around McNulty inviting classes and staff to come and watch the show. On the day of the show, the hallways were filled with clapping and cheering as McNulty proudly supported its youngest learners. Mrs. Porter’s second graders even made signs to hold up for the Pre-K models. Families also gathered on the sidewalk for a viewing outside.