New Reading Labs allow students to work one-on-one with teachers

New “Reading Labs” at Lynch Literacy Academy are providing students in grades 6-8 with the opportunity to read independently and conference one-on-one with their reading teacher every day for 40 minutes.

These labs, formerly known as Academic Intervention Services (AIS) Reading, provide students with additional support to meet their needs as readers.

“We know the range of books they can read and all of the books in the Reading Labs are leveled, so we know which direction to point the student in so that they can pick out a book that’s just right for them,” said Fran Boyer, Literacy Coach.

The students read independently during the first 15 minutes of the lab. During that time, the teacher will rotate around the classroom, conferencing with each student one-on-one. After listening to each student read out loud, the teacher will provide them with a reading strategy to work on – such as context clues or visualization. The teacher will check on the students’ strategy implementation during the next conference.

A classroom data wall allows the students to chart their progress by graphing the number of pages they’ve read throughout the school year.

“We find that the best way to help students achieve academic success is by giving them access to great books, along with the time to read them,” Boyer said. “Our goal is to make reading a part of the day for every student.”

Reading Labs are just one example of the many initiatives implemented at Lynch Literacy Academy to encourage students to read both in-school and at-home. Every spring, a school-wide novel is chosen for all students to read. This community reading is then celebrated with a visit from the author and a book discussion during an event known as “Lynch Reads.”

This spring will mark the seventh anniversary of the program.