Please complete student transportation survey by Aug. 3

GASD parent/guardian,

During this COVID-19 pandemic, the New York State Department of Health is encouraging parents/guardians to arrange for alternate means of transportation to and from school in the fall for their child(ren) such as walking or driving their students. Such an arrangement can help reduce the density on the school buses. The district will be attempting to maintain social distancing on school buses, however, due to the size of buses, the number of available buses as well as bus drivers, this cannot be assured. Students who ride school buses will be required to wear face coverings.

The district would appreciate you completing this short form/survey with the understanding that at any time you may request transportation for your child, and your child will be transported to and from school, if they meet the qualifications of the district’s transportation policy.

Please complete a form for each child in your house that is enrolled in GASD and attends school.

The survey will close on Monday, August 3.

How to a find my student ID number?

Your student ID number is required to complete the transportation survey. Your student ID number can be accessed in one of three ways:

  • Your student ID number is their lunch number. Please ask your student for their lunch number.
  • Or, your student ID number can be found on their report card. It is located to the right of their name (5-digit code).
  • Lastly, if you still don’t know the student ID number please call the district office at 518-843-3180, Ext. 7504 to go through the security verification process to recover your student ID number.

Finally, due to privacy regulations, please do not ask your child’s teacher for their student ID through email or text message.