Rams football program moves concrete at Veteran’s Park

football players move rock

The Amsterdam High School Rams Football Program was a great community partner to the City of Amsterdam earlier this month. On a Saturday in September, a group of football players and coaches helped out at Veteran’s Park, moving about 80,000 pounds of concrete. Thanks to Coach John Homich and everyone who participated … Tommy Ziskin, Alex Simon, Nic Auspelmyer, Christian Robinson, James Shatas, Mason Sarabia, Dylan Alicea, Matt Hughes, Josiah Newborn, Andre Cooper, Xavier Acevedo, Wes Rafalik, Hunter Holman, Alejandro Christopher, Dainon Aviles, and Jon Wolff. Coaches John Homich II, Gabe Orengo Jr., James Natole, Josh Hodge, and Charles Beekman.