Rams Read campaign to boost literacy launches across GASD

The Greater Amsterdam School District has launched its campaign to help students of all ages read at grade level.

The campaign, named “Rams Read,” calls for students and their families to reserve at least 30 minutes every night for reading.

“As a community, we need to encourage and support the importance of literacy,” Superintendent Dr. Vicky Ramos said. “Reading opens the doors to a world of imagination and knowledge.”

The campaign also hopes to expand volunteer reading programs and develop a summer reading program to be launched in 2017.

Join in the district’s efforts and share your favorite books with us on Facebook and Twitter, using the hashtag #RamsRead.

Tips for encouraging literacy development at home:

Be a role model. Demonstrate that reading is important in your life. Read the newspaper, books and magazines, email and information on the internet. Let your child see you reading.

Read to your child. Share articles from the newspaper or magazines. Look particularly for items of interest to your child – those that have to do with his/her school, favorite sports team, movie star or band, or a special hobby. Talk about what you read with your child.

Make your home reflect the importance of reading. Give your child plenty of opportunities to read. Keep books around – you don’t have to own them all; library books work just as well – and read them.

Allow your child to choose what they want to read. Everyone’s interest is different and if you want your child to read, let them read what interests them.

Using a computer can provide both incentive and opportunities for children to read. From looking up interesting facts about a new movie coming out, to researching for a school report, the internet is a tremendous and fun resource for children and adolescents.