School board/district honor spring 2023 ABC Award recipients

April 2023 ABC award winners
Left to right are Stephanie Arvelo-Guzman (AHS Executive Secretary), Courtney Boshart (AHS Social Worker), Chaundra Jesenski (McNulty Academy Keyboard Specialist), Amy Martelle (Tecler School Speech Therapist), Marisha Gennett (Marie Curie AIS Reading Teacher), Guy Welsher (Marie Curie Senior Custodian), GASD Superintendent Richard Ruberti. Missing from the photo are Shammy Charles (LLA Guidance Counselor) and Lindsay Madigan (Barkley Social Worker).

The Greater Amsterdam School District congratulates and thanks our latest ABC (Above, Beyond and Committed) Award recipients for the 2022-23 school year. This group of staff was recognized by the GASD Board of Education on April 19. Thank you for all you do to help our students be the best that they can be.

  • Stephanie Arvelo-Guzman (AHS Executive Secretary)
  • Courtney Boshart (AHS Social Worker)
  • Chaundra Jesenski (McNulty Academy Keyboard Specialist)
  • Amy Martelle (Tecler School Speech Therapist)
  • Marisha Gennett (Marie Curie AIS Reading Teacher)
  • Guy Welsher (Marie Curie Senior Custodian)
  • Shammy Charles (LLA Guidance Counselor)
  • Lindsay Madigan (Barkley Social Worker)