Steps parents should take to resolve P-EBT payment issues

GASD has recently been receiving calls from concerned parents in reference to their child’s P-EBT benefits. Some parents say they have reached out to OTDA (Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance) by phone in an attempt to resolve these concerns, only to be referred back to their school district.

This is incorrect and the payment situation is out of the district’s control. Instead, these are the steps parents must take to resolve an issue they may be having. Please do not contact the school district about it.

If you believe your child’s benefits were reported incorrectly or are nonexistent, the first step when resolving P-EBT benefit issues is for the parent to submit an Appeal with OTDA. Direct links are provided in the items below:

1.) Parents should look up their payment status online by clicking on the NYS School List at this link:

This will tell parents whether payments are In Review, Issuing, or Pending. We’ve been told that it can take a few weeks when issuing so please keep that in mind.

2.) The FAQ link (Frequently Asked Questions) may provide parents answers to some of their questions, as well. FAQ link:

3.) MOST IMPORTANT: IF parents feel that the determination is incorrect, they should Submit an Appeal using the P-EBT Information Form here:

Once the fields on the first page are complete, additional questions will appear below. Question 14 asks parents to select their Issue. Once an Issue is selected, an answer will be provided. Parents should read it and see if it answers their question. If not, they should then select No; next, the system will provide a text box to enter additional information about their claim/concern. Parents should complete the remaining questions and then Submit their Form for OTDA to review.