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Counseling Services

Family Advocate

Greater Amsterdam School District created the Family Advocate position to enhance communication between home and school by providing information about resources and options available for your child.

    Counseling Office

    The focus of the Greater Amsterdam School District’s Counseling Department is to provide a Developmental School Counseling Program consisting of a comprehensive plan of academic, career, and personal development. The program is an essential part of the total school program and supports the goals established for all students.

    Click here to view Amsterdam High School’s Course Catalog, and many resources to help students plan for college or a career following graduation.

    School Climate & Culture

    Dignity for All Students Act

    A regulation named the Dignity for All Students Act went into effect July 1, 2012 in New York State. Its purpose is to ensure that all elementary and secondary public school students have the right to attend school in an environment that is free of discrimination, harassment, and bullying.

    Learn more about DASA and how to submit a reporting form.

    Contact the GASD DASA Coordinator for more information

    Internet Safety

    View the district’s Cyberbullying and Internet Safety policies. 

    Our children have many opportunities for socializing online, but they come with certain risks. Parents can help reduce these risks by talking to kids about making safe, responsible decisions.

    • Place the computer in the most public room in your home.
    • Establish ground rules for Internet usage.
    • Share time online by surfing on the Internet with your child.
    • Instruct your child not to give out personal information without your permission.
    • Instruct your child never to respond to email or chat messages that make them feel uncomfortable. (And ensure that your child reports such messages to you when/if they occur.)
    • Check your computer’s Internet history, monitor your child’s email and blogs and let him/her know why you will do this.
    • Know exactly what various parental control tools can and cannot do and how they work. 

    Internet Safety Websites

    GASD Technology Plan

    View the district’s technology plan.

    Sex Offender Information

    In accordance with New York State’s Sex Offender Registration Act, local law enforcement agencies will, at their discretion, be notifying officials at the Greater Amsterdam School District of sex offenders living or working in this district. Such information may include the offender’s address or zip code. All information the district receives from local law enforcement can be accessed here. If you have any questions, please contact the reporting law enforcement agency. 

    Out of School Suspension Education Program

    Established in 2007, the district’s Out of School Suspension Educational Program (OSSEP) was designed to provide academic support to students who are suspended from Amsterdam High School or Lynch Literacy Academy. 

    This full-day academic program — which includes breakfast, lunch and busing services — is run at Amsterdam High School.

    Learn more about the program here. 

    Codes of Conduct

    Food Services

    As of September 2015, all school meals will be free for students attending Amsterdam public schools.

    Studies show that students who are well-nourished have increased problem-solving abilities, memory, verbal fluency and creativity. The challenge is to make nutritious foods that students will actually eat. Greater Amsterdam School District, working through The Abbey Group, strives to provide a variety of daily choices that are not only nutritious, but appealing to students in our schools.

    Click here to learn more about the district’s food services, as well as view breakfast and lunch menus by school.

    Though all district students receive free meals, the state requires families to complete these forms to ensure students continue to eat for free.

    Online payment for second servings and a la carte menu items is available through

    Health Office

    Find physical examination information, forms, and more.

    Special Education

    Learn more about the Special Education services provided in the Greater Amsterdam School District.


    Transportation shall be provided to eligible students residing in the GASD district in compliance with all applicable federal and state laws, regulations, and local policies.

    All students K-5 who live outside the city will be transported from their legal residences to their home school. Grades K-5 who live inside the city will be transported if they live more than one mile from their legal residence to their home school. Grades 6-12, who live inside or outside the city, will be transported if they live more than 1.5 miles from  their legal residence to their school. 

    Students may be required to walk an equivalent distance to a bus stop.

    The GASD Transportation Department will automatically use the residence address in eSchool for busing assignments. If you need transportation to a different address, fill out the alternate transportation form here. Please note that the schedule must be consistent throughout the school year; no rotating schedules will be permitted. and only one additional change per year will be allowed.

    Click here to view student and parent responsibilities.

    Contact the Superintendent of Buildings & Grounds by calling (518) 843-3180 x. 2801. To contact the bus garage, call (518) 843-3186. To contact Brown Transportation, call (518) 842-0092.

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