Business Department

Business courses will give students an opportunity to explore their career interests and develop their computer skills in various computer and digital media applications.  Students can also learn how to start, manage, and make a profit with the operation of their own teen-run business.  Offerings include the opportunity to earn college credit through Fulton Montgomery Community College.

Business Entrepreneurship (FMCC Course BUS120)

1 year| 1 credit | 3 possible college credits

This course is designed for students who are considering becoming an entrepreneur or working for a small business. The course will emphasize: exploring opportunities, the business plan process, and the challenges of entrepreneurship. It will include an overview of the following business concepts: sales, marketing, building customer relationships, accounting and management.

Prerequisite: None.

Marketing and E-Commerce (FMCC Course BUS 141)

1 Year | 1 Credit

This course is an introduction to the basic principles and terminology used in the marketing field. The focus will be on gaining familiarity with a variety of environmental factors that influence marketing decisions and understanding the importance of a customer-oriented business philosophy. Topics covered include marketing research, determining marketing opportunities, environmental analysis, consumer buying behavior, and the 4 P’s of marketing; planning, pricing, placement and promotion.

Business Law (FMCC Course BUS 207)

1 Year | 1 Credit Grades 10-12

Learn how the law applies in both your personal and work lives.  This course is designed to introduce students to the legal areas of constitutional law, crimes, torts, common law contracts, sales contracts, and commercial paper as it applies to their personal lives and to the business environment.  The interaction of business ethics and the law is also examined.

Prerequisite: none

Career Explorations

1 Year | 1 Credit

Before you know it you will be entering the working world.  In this class, you will determine which jobs would be a good fit for you.  You will develop an understanding of the types of jobs available and the basic skills required of all employees.  You will also have the opportunity to participate in work-based learning at an area business, which can help you secure your Career Development & Occupational Studies Credential.

Prerequisite: none

Computer Applications

1 Year | 1 Credit

Are you ready for today’s technology-rich world? Taking Computer Applications will give you the hands-on experience and confidence to prove that you are.  Not only will you learn keyboarding skills to type your essays quicker and how to write business letters and reports, you’ll have fun creating flyers, spreadsheets, charts, newsletters, brochures, and Power Point presentations. This course will help you to be successful in high school, college and on the job!  Computer Applications is a required prerequisite to Digital & Social Media Communications.

Prerequisite: none

Digital Media/Yearbook

1 Year | 1 Credit Grade 12

Have a say in how your yearbook looks. Students will be responsible for producing the AHS Yearbook.  Assignments will include creating layouts for pages, taking photographs, managing finances, organizing and assisting on photo days,  fundraising (securing advertisements & collecting school recycling), and distributing forms and yearbooks.

Prerequisite: none

Digital & Social Media Communications

1 Year | 1 Credit

We live in a digital world!  In Digital and Social Media communications you will use text, graphics, audio, and video to create and edit movies, TV shows, newspapers, magazines, Web sites and social media.  Projects may include; creating stories, games, animation and 3D designs, producing and editing videos, recording podcasts, and the proper use of social networking applications.
Prerequisite: none

College and Career Readiness

1/2 Year | 1/2 Credit

The purpose of this course is to help prepare students for “life” after high school. Students will learn how to select college majors based on their interests and abilities, research various college options, and use effective transitioning techniques into college such as development of good study skills, discipline and goal setting, as well as an understanding of academic, social and personal responsibilities. The second portion of this course will focus on workforce readiness skills. These skills include digital citizenship, reading workplace documents, career-ready math skills, and problem–solving and situational judgment.