Health Department

The health course is a graduation requirement for all students. 

Health (EOD)

1 Year (EOD) | 1/2 Credit

This course focuses on personal health, including the choices individuals make and the responsibility they assume. Emphasis is placed on the student’s role in their own health promotion and disease prevention by increasing their awareness of health trends, health information, and their own state of health. The way students interpret and apply the knowledge is the focus. This course addresses: parenting skills, mental health, stress, fitness, nutrition, substance abuse, family life education, and lifestyle related diseases and social problems including violence awareness and prevention. Students will be required to complete projects and research that reflects the expectations of the new standards. Health is mandated by the State of New York, and students must successfully complete a half year of health to graduate. 

This course is available for 10th, 11th and 12th grade students. An end-of-year exam and/or portfolio assessment/project is required for course credit.