Technology Department

Technology course offerings are designed to develop marketable, entry-level skills, as well as provide exploratory experiences for students planning to go onto a technical, two or four year college. We provide experience-based education through the use of “hands-on” activities taught through an investigative, problem solving approach. Students learn to work independently, as well as cooperatively in teams. Courses can be taken as free electives or as part of a planned sequence. From the traditional to the Engineering By Design classes, there is a course to fit every student’s interests and abilities. The Amsterdam Technology Department believes that our classes provide information that will help our students in the life-long learning process and lay the groundwork for college/technical school and career decisions.

Foundations of Technology

1 year | 1 credit 

The Foundations of Technology course is an introductory high school level learning experience that builds on student understanding and skills learned in middle school courses. Students work cooperatively in engineering teams to apply skills they have learned in technology, mathematics and science classes. They research, develop, test and analyze engineering designs in order to solve problems within the designed world. They also will build upon existing designs to improve a product. Criteria, such as effectiveness of a design, public safety, human factors and ethics are interwoven into all activities. 

This course will prepare students for more specialized technology courses at the high school level such as Advanced Technological Applications, Advanced Design Applications and Engineering Design. An end of the year departmental exam and/or approved portfolio assessment/project is required.

Advanced Technological Applications   

1 year | 1 credit 

The Advanced Technological Applications course is an extension of principles learned in Foundations of Technology. Units covered in this course involve Information Technology, Agriculture and Bio-related Technologies, Medical Technology and finally, Entertainment/Recreation Technology. The structure of the course challenges students to work cooperatively and use design processes which require them to think, plan, design and create solutions to engineering and technological problems. They are actively involved in the organized and integrated application of technological resources, engineering concepts, and scientific procedures. 

This course will prepare students for the higher level course titled Engineering Design. An end of the year departmental exam and/or approved portfolio assessment/project is required.

Design and Drawing for Production 

1 year | 1 Credit 

This course fulfills the graduation requirement in the Arts. The course intends to provide opportunities in the areas of design and drawing through creative thinking, decision making, and problem solving experiences. It includes an investigation of architectural drawing. Students will create drawings used for residential construction. Some of the basic plans that will be covered are: Plot plans, Foundation plans, Floor plans, Wall Sections, and Elevations. Drawings will be done by hand and with the use of the computer. It will also include an investigation of six technical drawing areas: Orthographic, Pictorials, Sections, Auxiliaries, Revolution, and Transitions and Developments. 

This class can be used to satisfy the states’ art/music requirement for graduation.

This course includes a variety of Design Activities. An end of year exam is required.