Parent & Student Bus Responsibilities

Student Responsibilities

  • All students should be ready when the bus arrives.
  • Students must show their bus pass to the driver as they get onto the bus.
  • Students will board only their assigned bus, and only at the established stop.
  • Students shall stand back from the road until their bus has completed its stop (A bus could skid when approaching a stop in bad weather). 
  • Students must not enter or leave the bus while it is in motion.
  • Students shall pass in front rather than behind the bus. They must wait for the driver’s signal before crossing the road.
  • All students must remain in the back of the white line while the bus is in motion.
  • Students shall not interfere with the bus driver while the bus is in motion.
  • Students shall remain seated until the bus stops at their destination.
  • Smoking on buses is prohibited. Head or arms must not protrude from windows.
  • No food or beverages are to be consumed on the bus.
  • Inappropriate language, quarreling, fighting or rough play is prohibited.
  • The bus driver is in complete charge fo the bus and all students shall obey the bus driver.
  • Students shall assist the bus driver in keeping the bus neat and free from litter. 
  • Students shall report any incidents.

Parent Responsibilities

  • Insisting students be ready on time. 
  • Ensuring students have their bus passes.
  • Insisting on student cooperation with school officials and the bus driver. 
  • Complying with school requests for safety of the student. 
  • Supporting the bus driver and school officials in enforcing transportation rules and regulations.    
  • To accompany very young students to the bus in the morning and to meet them in the afternoon for the purpose of supervising their conduct and assisting in the establishment of desirable safety practices.
  • To report to the principal of the school any injury or accident that has involved their students on the bus and to also notify the School District Transportation Office. This report should include the bus number, route number, place of accident or injury, and the bus driver’s name.
  • To report, to the School District Transportation Office, any moving violation of a bus driver – giving bus number, route number, time and nature of violation.
  • To report to the School District Transportation Office any defective equipment observed on a bus such as faulty lights, mufflers, brakes, signals, etc., giving the bus number and nature of defect.
  • To provide transportation of their student who attends a school other than the one designated for their geographical area or when bus-riding privileges are suspended.