Teacher Spotlight: Greg Dillon

May 4, 2017

Walk into Greg Dillon’s first-grade classroom at Tecler Elementary on any given school day, and you’ll immediately see his passion for teaching.

Dillon, who has 20 nieces and nephews and 13 brothers and sisters, says he’s been around children all of his life – so becoming a teacher was a “natural” choice. In fact, his mother was a teacher, as well.

“I like seeing them learn and grow, and it’s a noble cause to be able to teach the youth of America,” Dillon said. “Teaching them to do well in this world – that’s what I love.”

After working at the Guilderland YMCA and Parsons Child and Family Center in Albany, Dillon began his teaching career in the Greater Amsterdam School District three years ago. He recently achieved tenure and says he can’t imagine working anywhere else.

“The way that teachers work together in this school, and the leadership we’ve had, we’ve made so much progress,” Dillon said. “But the best part is seeing the kids really understand what you’re teaching them; and if you’re not into that, then it’s not the job for you.”