Teacher Spotlight: Maria Rossi

May 10, 2017

Few people can say they found their true calling at a young age; but for Barkley Elementary teacher Maria Rossi, she says she knew teaching was what she was meant to be doing more than 30 years ago.

“I would step into a school and know that that was where I wanted to be,” Rossi said. “I’ve taught all over the district and I’ve loved every minute of it.”

As an academic intervention service (AIS) math teacher, Rossi works with students who may need a little extra help one-on-one, or in small groups.

“I love the moments where the kids have just caught onto something and they’ve had that ‘a-ha’ moment,” she said.

Rossi has taught a handful of grades in schools across the district, including McNulty, Barkley and Lynch. Now in her 30th – and last – year of teaching, she is set to retire at the end of the 2016-17 school year.

Rossi’s plans include spending more time with her family – specifically with her mother and grandson – looking for volunteer work, and helping out with family businesses in the area. She does have some advice for new teachers.

“Every day is new and every school year is new – it’s an opportunity to hit the refresh button,” Rossi said. “…and it’s all about the kids.”