Teacher Spotlight: Richard Von Ehr

May 11, 2017

Mr. Richard Von Ehr has been a staple in the Amsterdam School District for 30 years, the only district he’s ever had a full-time job in.

Mr. Von Ehr has taught every grade level from ninth to twelfth. He’s also taught a variety of subjects including global studies, U.S. history, government, and economics.

“I like to make sure the students are up-to-date on current events,” Mr. Von Ehr said. “We talk about the things that they should know about and also what interests them, as long as it relates to the subject.”

Some of the topics discussed in the classroom include elections, the Iraq War, policies, health care, money, taxes, finances and the stock market.

After speaking with some of his students, many of them say their favorite part about being in Mr. Von Ehr’s class is that he has his own style of teaching and he makes everything relatable to their lives.

“He teaches us about real world scenarios and things we will actually need to know in the future,” senior Jarrett Nowak said. “If we’re having trouble understanding something, he’ll tell a story so that we get it,” senior Zachary Petruccione added.

After all these years, what’s been Mr. Von Ehr’s favorite part?

“The students,” he said. “There’s always at least one each day that makes it fun and keeps things interesting.”

At the end of this year, Mr. Von Ehr’s time will come to an end. He’s retiring and he’s looking forward to traveling, surfing, flying planes, and spending time with his grandkids.

“I tell people I plan to ‘SEPP’ a lot,” Mr. Von Ehr said. “Sleep, eat, play, and pray.”

As he steps out the door on his last day, Mr. Von Ehr is confident he’s given it his all.

“I’ve done as a teacher all of the things that I’ve wanted to do,” he said. “I’ve been with the kids and now it’s time to move on.”