Technology Help for Remote Learning

Following are commonly asked questions about technology resources/help for at home remote learning:

Do I need a district Chromebook in order to learn remotely?

NO, you do not need a district issued Chromebook. In fact if you have your own personal device you are encouraged to use it. You can use your own computer/tablet by logging in through Clever – see how below – and you can bring your device to school with you if you are in an in-person Purple or Gold grouping.

Clever Login Help From My Own Device

How do I login to Clever from my personal device?

What if I picked up a Chromebook and don’t need it or I still have a Chromebook I never returned from last school year?

Please contact your child(ren) present school or former school to make arrangements to return your Chromebook. Other children can definitely use it.

Why didn’t my child get a Chromebook?

There is a shortage of Chromebooks nationwide due to so many school districts going to remote instruction as a result of COVID-19. Also, many Chromebooks were never returned by students from last school year. Many more new Chromebooks are on order and children who need one will receive one when they arrive. Elementary schools are also using iPads as an alternative for younger students. Stay tuned for more information. In the meantime, paper educational resources are available for students to work on at home until this issue is resolved. Please contact your school office if you need these resources.

Who do I contact if I have a Chromebook issue or need to have my password reset?

If you have a Chromebook problem or question or need a student password reset, please email your school tech person listed below. Do not call your general school number for this.

Are you using an iPad for Learning? Here are some iPad tips and login information