Tecler Coin Wars raised $1,847 to battle pediatric cancer

man stands with studentsCongratulations to the fourth grade class which won this year’s Coin Wars battle at Tecler Elementary School. Third graders were this year’s runner-ups. Each class won a pizza party for their efforts.

Coin Wars is a grade-versus-grade competition to raise money to help pediatric cancer patients and their families through the Creating Hope Foundation. In all, Tecler students raised $1,847 this fall for the cause. The competition ended Oct. 7.

Here’s how the Coin Wars worked: Every classroom had two labeled jars in their room. One jar was for silver coins and the other jar was for copper coins. Students were encouraged to bring in as many silver coins as possible for their own classroom, while also bringing in copper coins for a competing grade’s classroom.

Silver coins counted for the total amount of money raised per grade, while copper coins counted against the total money raised. Anyone could put in any classroom’s copper jar, but once they were in the jar they could not be removed.

The grade with the most money raised by the end of the war, after counting the copper coins against their total, was the winner.