Tecler Elementary students host job fair for leadership roles

June 7, 2017

Tecler Elementary students are already applying for jobs! Can you believe it? Well, school jobs that is.

A job fair was recently held for grades 2-4, showcasing various leadership roles in the school.

The event was run by the lighthouse team, which is made up of chosen leaders in grades 3-5 who organize and lead school events. They made posters to present the different school-wide leadership roles and each member was responsible for promoting a certain job at the job fair.

As the second through fourth grade students walked around the job fair, the lighthouse members passed out job applications and explained what each leadership job entailed.

Before the job fair was held, the lighthouse team held an assembly to give an overview of the jobs so that the students would have an idea of which jobs they would want to apply for. Some of the jobs included preschool drop off leader, art room leader, library leader and more!

The students got to apply for any job they wanted and then interviewed with the lighthouse team and a teacher leader for each job.

The students who are chosen for each job will begin their leadership role in the fall, for the 2017-18 school year.