Tecler first graders complete a year of successful reading competitions

June 12, 2017

Reading is fun! That’s what the first graders at Tecler Elementary learned after participating in multiple reading contests this year.

In November, the classes filled out turkey feathers for each book they read at home. The students read a total of 1,112 books for the month.

In February, the four classes filled out snowballs, with a total of 1,200 books read that month.

In May, all first grade classes filled out water balloons for each book that they read at home. Throughout the month, students would track their books by hanging up the water balloons on a reading thermometer in the school cafeteria. The teachers set a goal of 1,000 books for the month and at the end they had read a total of 1,577.

The students celebrated their reading success with a water balloon toss and a ceremony where students received a certificate if they read 20 or more books during the month of May.

The top three students during the month of May were Ian Ossenkop (132 books), Jordan Zennaiter (104 books), and Kai’ya Corner (94 books).

Throughout the year, the reading contests helped promote a love of reading, a sense of responsibility to read to home, and an overall reading growth in all of the children. Congratulations to all!